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FAQ’s & Testimonials

by Mama Rose’s Naturals, LLC

How will my order be shipped?

Mama Rose’s Naturals usually ships orders within 2 business days, however because items are manufactured onsite for freshness, some items can take up to 7 business days. If an item is delayed, you will be contacted immediately with the estimated shipment date. You will also receive an e-mail when your order has been shipped. Orders are generally sent by USPS priority mail service, and are paid for by the customer.

Does Mama Rose’s Naturals ship internationally?

Yes, we do ship internationally. However, our website is not programmed to calculate international shipping cost. Once placing your international order, you will be contacted via email to make a seperate payment to paypal for international shipping and handling charges.

What is the difference between Mama Rose’s Naturals products and other natural skin care products?

Mama Rose’s Naturals products are truly herbal based products, meaning that not only are they made from high quality natural ingredients, they also contain certified organic herbs in their purest form which have many extremely beneficial properties, and have widely used for centuries to treat various ailments and sensitive skin. Our products do not contain herbal extracts (as most other companies do), which can be irritating and drying to sensitive skin due to their alcohol content. Instead we use simple, nourishing herbal infusions, which are oils that have been infused with herbs over a period of time, releasing the powerfully healing properties directly into the oil, perfect for sensitive skin.

What is an extract?

An extract is when a substance, usually alcohol, is used to physically remove the beneficial properties of a plant and transform them into liquid form. Extracts do not usually contain scent that would be considered aromatherapeutic as do essential oils because the content of plant matter is not nearly as concentrated as an essential oil. Extracts are often used in skin care externally, as well as in tincture form for internal use. Although extracts do contain the benefits of the plant, the alcohol content can be extremely irritating and drying to the skin, and have ill effects to some when taken internally, especially for babies and pregnant women.

Mama Rose’s Naturals products do not contain extracts, only pure herb infused oils that are created by hand. Our herbal supplement tinctures also are alcohol-free for safe internal use. Almost all of Mama Rose’s Naturals products are manufactured onsite because we have yet to find a manufacturer that will bother with using the high quality, time consuming, and costly herbal infusions and natural ingredients that Mama Rose’s Naturals requires for our signature stamp of ‘made with a touch of love,’ and we truly mean it!

What is the difference between an essential oil and a fragrance oil?

Aromatherapy is the art of treating the body, mind and spirit with aromatic substances harvested from natural sources. Essential Oils are highly concentrated oils extracted from plants, leaves, flowers, roots, buds, twigs, rhizomes, heartwood, bark, resin, seeds and fruits. The energy of the plant combined with sun, soil, air and water gives each essential oil its individual perfume and beneficial healing properties, aiding both the mental state and physical ailments.

Fragrance oils are a blend of synthetically derived chemicals that impart smell to products, and are often used in cosmetics because they are far more affordable than essential oils. However, the synthetic fragrances that are used in cosmetics consist of many undisclosed ingredients, which do not have to be listed separately on the ingredient list. If a product lists ‘fragrance’ or ‘perfume’ as an ingredient, that product most likely contains phlalates and other chemicals that have been linked to many degenerative diseases, including cancer. Although fragrance oils produce a scent, they do not contain the living energy that is found in plant matter, nor do they contain the aromatherapeutic or healing properties found from natural sources.

Mama Rose’s Naturals never uses synthetic fragrance in our products, only pure, unadulterated essential oils and hydrosols for therapeutic use and optimal health. For more information on essential oils vs. fragrance oils, please visit the following website:

How are Mama Rose’s Naturals products preserved?

Preservatives are one of the most important factors in skin care. Although only amounting to a minute proportion of a formula, this fraction of a drop can protect each bottle from various types of harmful growth, including mold, yeast and bacteria. Mama Rose’s Naturals uses several natural preservatives and antioxidants in our skin care products to help preserve shelf life and safety for use on sensitive skin, including vitamin E, rosemary oleoresin, essential oils, and sodium hydroxymethylglycinate. In our more complicated formulations, including our baby wash and lotions, we use less than 1% of a paraben-free broad spectrum preservative, which is just enough to enhance the efficacy of the natural preservatives that are used. These preservatives have proven to be safe and effective for decades, while being stable and non-irritating to the skin.

What is a sulfate?

A sulfate is a cleansing agent, or a surfactant, that produces a foaming action, and is widely used in almost all toiletries, including soaps, shampoos and other hair products, body washes, and toothpaste. They are often listed as sodium laureth sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate, ammonium lauryl sulfate, etc. Research has shown that sulfates can cause skin irritation and deterioration of skin cells, especially to sensitive skin. Some believe that sulfates may be a cause of cancer.

Mama Rose’s Naturals does no use sulfates in our products. In our baby wash and body washes, we use polyglucose and betaine to produce cleansing and foaming properties. These two surfactants are produced from the fatty acids of natural sources, such as glucose (sugar), coconut oil, and berries. They are completely non-toxic, biodegradable, and safely for use on the body as well as in the environment.

I have heard that it is not a good idea to use baby powder on my baby. Is this true?

There are a few reasons why baby powder is considered by some to be ‘harmful.’ The first is because most baby powders consist of 100% talcum powder, which has recently been found to possibly be carcinogenic, or cancer causing. The second reason is because an infant can suffocate if inhaling powder of any kind, particularly talcum powder because the granules are extremely fine. Furthermore, baby powders that do not contain talc do almost always contain cornstarch, which can promote the growth of yeast.

Mama Rose’s Naturals does not use talcum powder or cornstarch in our baby powder. Stardust Baby Powder is 100% natural, made from clays and healing powdered herbs. Caution must be taken by parents to keep all powdered substances away from little hands.

What are the benefits to using reusable baby wipes instead of disposable wipes?

· Disposable wipes often contain alcohol, harsh antiseptic ingredients, or other chemicals that can be irritating to sensitive skin. Parents can choose the type of solution that they prefer to use with reusable wipes.
· They are not saturated in liquid. As much or as little solution can be used as needed, so that a diaper doesn’t get put onto moist skin which can often lead to diaper rash and irritation.
· They are more cost effective than disposable wipes.
· They are very easy to use, and can be thrown the wash with other laundry.

What type of packaging does Mama Rose’s Naturals use?

All of the packaging that we use is focused on one important factor, that it is baby friendly. Mama Rose’s Naturals strives to keep babies safe, and our products preserved effectively. We use no glass or breakable containers, and we use as many recycled and recyclable packaging as possible.


“I purchased your Magic Touch Skin & Diaper Balm for my sons AWFUL diaper rash and it worked SOOOO well, I could not believe it! His rash cleared up within a few days... he got another rash last week and we used your stuff and it was gone in less than 2 days! Needless to say, I’m hooked and have told all my friends about it. Thanks Mama Rose for this miracle product!!” - Alli, Santa Monica, CA

“I love Sunshine spray! There was major chaos in my house the other day. The kids weren’t getting along, I was tense, we were all really stressed out. A few spritzes of Sunshine Spray made all the tension in the room dissipate, and within minutes we were relaxed. I have also found that it works well in the car, and it soothes my sons diaper rash too! My boys now use it on themselves all the time, they call it Happy Spray.” Hattie, La Leche League Leader, Junction City, OR

“You’re products are fabulous! We are proud to offer Mama Rose’s Naturals line of natural products to all of our expectant mothers and babies alike. We’ve had a lot of fun exploring the healing powers of each product and have been pleased by their effectiveness. A recent Seattle heat wave left many of us burnt to a crisp. Turning to Mama Rose’s Sunshine Spray to find relief was the best move we could have made. Within minutes, our sore, swollen, and tight bodies found comfort. Up and down the block we traveled with spray in hand bringing Mama Rose’s healing power to all we passed. We love this product line. Keep up the good work!” – Wendy, Me n’ Moms Boutique, Seattle, WA

"Our baby Callie is almost 9 months old and we have only used Mama Rose’s Naturals products on her skin and hair. Her first bath out of the womb started with La La Baby Wash & Shampoo. Recently, while staying at a hotel, we forgot our bottle of La La Baby Wash and had to use the shampoo the hotel provided for us. After shampooing, Callie’s hair was stiff and dry and I felt like she needed a detangler or conditioner. The next day we went home and used our LaLa Baby Wash and her hair was smooth and delicate again. Callie never cries if she accidentally splashes it in her eyes, and her hair is soft and easy to comb through. It wasn’t until I used ’another’ product on her that I truly appreciated Mama Rose’s Naturals products. We alternate using Magic Touch and Stardust Baby Powder and have never had any skin care problems or challenges with her diaper area. Sunshine spray is my personal favorite because it smells so good - I use it to clean her skin as well as to lift her mood. Whenever we have the opportunity to gift new moms, they can count on receiving Mama Rose’s Naturals’ products from our family. Thank you Rosetta and Francesca!" Tiffany, Austin, TX

“I was having horrible morning sickness my first trimester. I was having difficulty at work and getting through the day. Your Tummy Aid Tea for morning sickness is AMAZING! It truly changed my life! And it is so delicious - I was having trouble getting anything down, and I love drinking your tea. I enjoy at least one cup a day!” Maria, Seattle, WA

“My son was ill, and had terrible diarrhea for days. Nothing I used was helping his diaper rash. Magic Touch worked like magic on his diaper rash, better than anything else I tried, and I tried EVERYTHING. It works great on cloth diapers too. As the owner of a cloth diaper service, I encouraged all of my clients to use Magic Touch Balm!” - Christine, Diaper Divas Eco-Friendly Diaper Service, Springfield, OR

“Stupid me . . . I tried another product for my son’s eczema. He broke out in a rash the second application. So, I’m back to your products. We love your Magic Touch Balm. It’s our first line offense against our baby’s eczema and frustrations when he scratches his skin. It provides our baby with immediate relief. Our baby’s skin irritation redness completely subsides within 30 minutes of applying your balm. After a few days of repeated applications after bathings and garment changings, our baby has no more eczema rash. Each time we are less vigilant with applying your balm, our baby’s skin eventually begins its allergy cycle. We have eliminated virtually all fragrances, synthetic ingredients, and chemicals that come into contact with our baby. We have tried other organic products, and none have helped our baby’s eczema. We also never have to deal with diaper rash! Your balm is magic! Your products have truly helped my son. Your work is a significant contribution to others!”

A few days later…
“I found another use for your product. It lures my son to crawl. :)” Jennifer, Rockville, MD

“Sunshine Spray is one of our favorite products. We use it for everything! We like to spray our hair with it, spritz our faces for a pick-me-up, or just spray it in the air to give our mood a lift. Oh yes, and it makes a lovely diaper area wash. The spray comes out in a fine mist that doesn’t over-wet. It leaves baby’s skin clean without any oily residue. Sunshine Spray lives up to its’ name. It is a ray of sunshine!” Judi, Mother Nature’s Earth Friendly Baby Products, Portland, OR

“My granddaughter was about 6 months old and in the bathroom with me. Let’s just say that babies are fast.........she pulled down a curling iron and as it hit the floor laid her leg on top of it. The burn was so horrible. Of course we quickly applied water and took her to the doctors, where we were told some of the burns were 3rd degree. A friend gave me the Sundshine Spray and I applied it to her burnt I can only tell you that Mikayla is now 20 months old and you would never know that she had been burnt. I also gave this product to my daughter to use on her when she was having diaper rash problems. What a great product, I know that I will always recommend this to anyone I know who has small children. Thank You........” Pearl Hergert, Eugene, OR

“I really like Sunshine Spray. It is very fragrant. It actually makes diaper changes smell like roses :) It is very gentle on my baby.” – Customer, CA

“I have been using Mama Rose’s Naturals products for the last few months and I absolutely love them. All the items are freshly made so you get the full medicinal benefits from all the ingredients she puts into her products. I had an inch long raised and discolored scar on my right breast from a surgery I had in July 06’. I went to some Natural Foods Grocery stores to buy oils and creams for scars. My scar didn’t really improve but as soon as I started using the Blossoming Belly Lotion Bar my scar improved dramatically. It is not as raised as much as before and feels a lot smoother. It was also red all the time and now it is fading and is blending into my skin tone. My scar isn’t completely gone but I noticed such a big difference of using the items in the first month compared to using other items for months with no improvements. I also realized that most stores have items that have been on the shelf for awhile and over time it loses the potency of the healing benefits the oils, herbs and essential oils are supposed to provide, I feel very blessed to come across Mama Rose’s Naturals products because she uses high quality ingredients that are freshly made to create wonderful products that work.” Denae, Eugene, OR

“The first time that I recognized the power of Sunshine Spray was when my daughter and her cousin, who were both 1 at the time, were having a tantrum competition. One would begin to cry, and the other would start crying even louder. This went on for a while… I sprayed the room with Sunshine Spray, and both babies took a long deep breath, quieted down immediately, and began to play. I knew how wonderful Sunshine Spray was to use on skin, and only loved it more when I began to explore its other vast uses. It has saved our family from burns, cuts, punctures, scars, rashes, acne, diaper irritation, allergic reactions, insect bites, poison oak, you name it! I don’t go anywhere without my bottle of Sunshine Spray close at hand.” Rosetta Thuresson, founder of Mama Rose’s Naturals, LLC

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