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Diaper Rash

by Rosetta Thuresson (Mama Rose)

What is Diaper Rash?
It is easy to understand why babies often have irritated bottoms. Picture the environment of a diaper; warmth, absence of light, and moisture all combined in an absorbent layer that is continuously rubbing against ultra-sensitive skin. Moisture contacting the skin is the main culprit of causing diaper rash. Wetness increases skin friction, raises the skin pH, and causes irritation. Almost all children in diapers will get some diaper rashes, no matter how careful the parents are. Diaper rashes frequently appear when babies are taking antibiotics, having loose stools, or have just started solid foods. Also, anytime a baby remains in a soiled diaper for too long a rash can result.

Preventing & Treating Diaper Rash
We as parents have to be aware that diapers do not create a natural atmosphere, and take certain precautions to care for baby’s tender bottom as much as possible. When the diaper area is red and irritated, airflow is the most important thing that can be done for diaper rash. Try to leave diapers off and keep the skin exposed to air as often as possible.

Here is a treatment routine that can be used to help soothe diaper rash and irritation:

1. Give baby an herbal bath using Herbs n’ Oats Soothing Tea Bath. This will help soothe inflammation and irritation.

2. Use La La Baby Wash & Shampoo to gently cleanse the are.

3. Let baby’s bottom air dry. You can put baby into a FreeBaby Bunting or Sleeping Bag to keep them warm while letting their bottom get some exposure to air.

4. Before putting a diaper on, apply Magic Touch Skin & Diaper Balm. This will protect the area, assist inflammation, and help prevent yeast and bacteria growth, and does not contain zinc oxide, which prevents any air to the area and can clog the absorbency of cloth diapers.

5. You may choose to sprinkle a little Stardust Baby Powder over the Magic Touch Skin & Diaper Balm. This will protect the area further, keep it dry and prevent chafing, and allow the powdered herbs to do their magic! Stardust Baby Powder does not contain cornstarch as many baby powders do, so it is safe to use if yeast is present. Use caution when using any baby powder on diaper rash, as they can cause irritation to inflammed areas.

6. Continue to keep the area clean and dry. Change the diaper every time baby soils, and clean baby with Sunshine Spray Skin & Diaper Care on a Super Softee Baby Wipe to not cause further moisture, friction, or irritation which disposable wipes can cause.

7. When washing cloth diapers and baby’s clothes, it is best to use a dye-free and perfume-free, gentle laundry detergent. Be sure that all soap is rinsed out thoroughly, liquid detergent generally washes out more easily than powder.

Every baby is different, so as a parent or care-taker don’t be afraid to try a few methods to find out what works best for your child when caring for their skin. Also remember that good hugs, kisses and smiles are the best way to begin any healing process. If conditions persist, worsen, or at any time the rash exposes open skin, you should contact your child’s physician.

For more information regarding how to care for baby’s bottom, tips on cloth vs. disposable diapers, or other pertinent information regarding diaper care, visit:

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