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Cradle Cap

by Rosetta Thuresson (Mama Rose)

Cradle Cap Care

Cradle Cap is a crusty secretion that forms on babies heads. Although it is not harmful, it can be avoided. Certain herbs and oils can moisten and soften the secretions, allowing them to flake off.

Here are some effective ways to care for cradle cap:

1. Apply Harmony Herbal Remedy Cream to any crusty or discolored areas of the scalp, at least one hour before bath time.

2. Place a handful of Herbs ní Oats Soothing Tea Bath into a small sock or soft cloth sack. Once in the bath, dampen the herb sachet in the warm water, and gently rub it over the scalp on cradle cap areas. The flowers, herbs and rolled oats are very healing and soothing, and will help to soften and loosen the flakes.

3. Rinse babyís head with La La Baby Wash & Shampoo. Natural lotions and oils are very moisturizing, hair can tend to look greasy if it isnít rinsed out thoroughly. You may choose to repeat shampooing.

4. Once hair is dry, flakes will comb right out.

5. You may also choose to spray cradle cap areas with Sunshine Spray as often as desired. Continue this regimen before every bath until cradle cap is controlled, usually for about one month. The more frequently the routine is repeated, the quicker the cradle cap will disappear, although you donít want to overdue treatment more than once every day or two, babies scalps are very sensitive.

6. Once cradle cap is gone, continue using methods to care for reoccurrences as needed.

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