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Newborn Care

by Rosetta Thuresson (Mama Rose)

Babies arrive into the world from the womb with the most wonderfully soft and delicate skin. Because their skin is so fine, it is easy to have sensitivities to external means, including products that are applied to their skin. Mama Rose’s Naturals skin care products for babies are gentle, hypoallergenic, and have been created to be incredibly gentle and soothing to even the most pure and delicate skin.

Here are some products and information that can be particularly helpful when caring for a newborn baby:

Babies are born with perfect skin, and have no need to be bathed right away with unnatural soaps and substances. Herbs n’ Oats Soothing Tea Bath can be used instead of soap to gently and naturally cleanse a newborn.

During the first 3 months of life, the senses of a baby are extremely sensitive, particularly the sense of smell. Strong fragrances smell even more powerful to a newborn, and can agitate them. Melody Lotion is an unscented lotion, containing no essential oils which can be irritating to a delicate newborn. Gentle herbal infusions and natural moisturizers are extremely nourishing and protective to sensititive skin.

La La Baby Wash and Shampoo is a sulfate free, extremely mild soap containing soothing flower waters, which are known to be antiseptic, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory.

Sunshine Spray Skin & Diaper Care is an exceptionally mild combination of flower waters, known for being aromatherapeutic, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory. Sunshine Spray can help relax and ease anxiety, while also helping to cleanse and calm the skin. Sunshine Spray can be poured directly into bath water for an aromatic herbal bath, and is wonderful for navel care and gently cleansing the skin, or for soothing diaper rash. Sunshine Spray can also be sprayed in the room to help calm a restless or colicky baby.

Sweet Nectar Baby Oil is an herbal infused oil that is wonderful for a relaxing massage. Massage can be extremely calming to little babies, and is perfect for adding to the bedtime routine. It is an incredible moisturizer as well, which absorbs more easily into the skin than most baby oils, particularly those containing mineral oil. Sweet Nectar Baby Oil, or other Mama Rose’s Naturals lotions are wonderful to use for cleansing marconium, which can be very difficult to clean off of babies bottom with water alone.

Note: Always use cautioun when using a new product on a baby. A good practice is to put a small amount of a new product on the under side of the arm and check it after an hour or so before using larger amounts on the body to ensure that there is no allergy or sensitivity present.

This information is copyrighted for use only on Mama Rose’s Naturals, LLC website. Please only use for informational purposes, and contact Mama Rose’s Naturals, LLC for permission to use any or all contents for other uses.

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